GE's Cell Fusion Series Pairs Your Home Phone to Your Cellphone

GE's upcoming Cell Fusion series of phones uses Bluetooth technology to pair your cellphone to your home phone so that you don't spend minutes looking for you tiny clamshell or slider while its ringing. GE has dubbed the first phone in the Cell Fusion series, the "No Jack" phone, and is geared toward "cord cutters,"… » 12/07/07 6:40pm 12/07/07 6:40pm

GE Premiere DECT 6.0 Phone With Home Intercom For Chatty Cathys

Speakerphones are usually seen in board rooms, but GE's Premiere DECT 6.0 Phone with Home Intercom brings it to your kitchen. While speakerphones aren't new to home phones, they aren't usually that effective and often produce distant-sounding calls that are filled with echoes. According to GE, the larger acoustic… » 12/07/07 5:00pm 12/07/07 5:00pm

GE Photo Phone Matches Faces to Voices With Caller ID

I got a sneek peak at GE's upcoming phone line, including the slick Photo Phone that will be introduced at CES2008. The phone combines a traditional cordless phone with a 7-inch digital photo frame, and includes picture caller ID. The feature, which is commonly found on cellphones, allows you to assign a picture to a… » 12/07/07 3:01pm 12/07/07 3:01pm

T-Mobile Rolls Out Second 3G Phone, Nokia 6263, Still No 3G Network

While everyone else is readying their 4G network, good ole T-Mobile is still prepping its 3G network, which is expected in early 2008. Though it feels like it's coming at a snail's pace, the carrier has made its second baby step with release of the Nokia 6263. Like the Samsung t639 before it, the 6263 will support the… » 12/05/07 1:30pm 12/05/07 1:30pm

Verizon Expands Its Lineup with Moto Z6c and Red LG 8350

Just as we suspected, the CDMA/GSM hybrid Motorola Z6c arrived on Verizon Wireless for $180 after a $50 rebate and service contract. The slider for jet-setters was joined by a scarlet-hued LG 8350, which can be picked up for $80 after a $50 rebate and service contract. [Verizon Wireless]
» 12/05/07 12:10pm 12/05/07 12:10pm

Olive Media Adds Some Spice to the OPUS Nº5 Digital Music Player

Olive Media teamed up with designer Karim Rashid (the guy with the glasses who's in those Dirt Devil commercials) to release a series of OPUS Nº5 music players with four different psychedelic graphic designs. According to Rashid, the inspiration for his designs came from music itself (we're guessing music from the… » 12/05/07 11:20am 12/05/07 11:20am

Royal VKB Self-Balancing Tray Keeps the Party Off the Floor

With the holidays rapidly approaching, people will most likely be doing a bit of entertaining, and after a few glasses of your aunt's famous eggnog, carrying that tray of hors d'oeuvres becomes quite a challenge. This self-balancing serving tray—whose arm is positioned in such as way to make it hard to tip—could be… » 12/04/07 9:52am 12/04/07 9:52am

Millionaire Fair Features $1.2M Phone, Other Baubles for the Fabulously…

For those of you who thought the iPhone was too expensive, brace yourselves for the crap that turned up at Russia's Millionaire Fair. A gold and diamond-encrusted phone—possibly the customized Vertu shown above—costs a jaw-dropping $1.2 million. (Cash only, please.) Does it do anything particularly exciting that other… » 12/03/07 7:00pm 12/03/07 7:00pm

Toshiba's Tekbright Photo Frame for Finger Strolls Down Memory Lane

Digital photo frames can be boring, but Toshiba's Tekbright pumps up the features with a 7" touchscreen LCD display with 720x480 resolution. The translation of Toshiba's French site was unhelpful: the Tekbright was oddly described as "retro," and we still don't know why, if it's a touchscreen, it has an array of… » 12/03/07 12:25pm 12/03/07 12:25pm

Sphäron Excalibur Speakers May Cost $380,700, But At Least They're Huge

Straight outta Germany, the colossal Acapella Sphäron Excalibur speakers look like a couple of tubas attached to a piece of wood. The cabinets feature four 15-inch woofers and weigh a herniating 1,364 pounds each. Acapella only recommends these behemoths for living rooms that are at least 131 square feet (the size of… » 11/30/07 1:53pm 11/30/07 1:53pm

$50,000 Treetent Blows Swiss Family Robinson Out of the Water

To most people, camping involves a fair share of roughing it—sleeping in a tiny tent in an uncomfortable sleeping bag on a rocky floor, but for a mere $50,000 the Treetent can spare you the grief. The 13-foot-tall tent resembles an under-inflated balloon, but it features a round hardwood floor that's nine feet in… » 11/29/07 3:26pm 11/29/07 3:26pm

Verizon Wireless Rolls Out XV6800 Business Slider

After months of speculation, the Windows Mobile XV6800 is now available for $450 after $50 rebate, arriving in stores on Dec. 5. The smartphone features touchscreen, stereo Bluetooth and support for Microsoft Office docs. [Verizon Wireless] » 11/28/07 9:25am 11/28/07 9:25am

Experiencing Geneva's Rich-Sounding Model M iPod System, Plus Its Big…

At a cocktail-fueled event at the chic furniture store Design Within Reach in NYC, I got to play around with Geneva's trio of wood-cabinet iPod-dockable sound systems: the Model M, Model L and Model XL. The recently announced $500 M is the most compact of the line, but still seemed a bit hefty compared with other iPod… » 11/27/07 10:00pm 11/27/07 10:00pm

New Prosthetics Let Patients Reach Out and Touch Stuff

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a way to make people with prosthetic limbs feel by transplanting nerves from the amputated hand into the patient's chest. Though the feeling would be in the chest rather than their arms, the scientists are hopeful that this could lead to prosthetics with sensors… » 11/27/07 1:35pm 11/27/07 1:35pm

AngelSounds Finds and Records the Pitter-Patter of Little Hearts

Forget strollers and RF monitors: the first thing expectant parents can now buy is the AngelSounds Fetal Doppler System, which tracks down prenatal junior's heartbeat and plays it through a standard pair of headphones. The monitor will also make a recording, giving you one more annoying memento to email to friends and… » 11/26/07 6:40pm 11/26/07 6:40pm